Basic Pharmaceutical Development Certificate (Pre-Master's) (RAQA)

The Basic Pharmaceutical Development Certificate appeals to professionals who do not have science backgrounds but wish to enter the industry or enhance their knowledge of regulatory concepts and quality issues. The core courses provide a broad background in the terminology, concepts, and regulations governing the pharmaceutical sector, while electives emphasize business practices and concepts. 

The certificate requires the completion of four courses.

Two courses are required:

  • Drug Development (5459)
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing (5472)

Students then select two electives from the following:

  • Pharmacoeconomics (5408)
  • Requirements for Product Labeling and Advertising (5533)
  • IND/NDA Submissions (5495)
  • Food and Drug Law (5592)
  • Project Management (5615)

Transfer credits are not accepted towards Temple's certificate programs.

Brochure - Basic Pharmaceutical Development Certificate

How to Receive the Certificate when you've completed the courses.

Submit the following items to the RAQA Office (hard copy only).

1. Application 

2. Photocopies of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts.

3. A transcript from Temple's Banner System of courses taken in the RAQA program.

4. Notice of Completion

All materials must be received by the stipulated deadlines (January 15 for February issuance; May 15 for June issuance; and August 20 for September issuance). Sorry, but if you miss the deadline, you will have to wait until the next time certificates are issued. Certificates will be mailed to your home in late February, late June, or late September.

Note: Students may obtain only one certificate before completing the MS program, except for Food RA and QA.