Transfer Credits Towards an MS Program

Bringing Transfer Credits into the RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences or GCPR Programs.

Temple University permits students to bring a maximum of 6 tranfer credits (or two courses) into an MS program, but only under the following circumstances:

1. Requests for transfer credits must be made when the student is applying for matriculation into an MS program. Under no circumstances can transfer credits be awarded after a student has been officially admitted into the program or is near completion of the degree.

2. All courses being considered for transfer credits must have been taken within the last five years and be from a fully accredited American college or university. Grades in all courses must be "B" or greater.

3. All non-thesis MS degrees from the School of Pharmacy (RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences, and GCPR) are science-based programs focusing on quality and regulatory practices within the pharmaceutical and related industries.  Courses considered for transfer credits must be identical or very similar to courses currently offered by Temple University's School of Pharmacy. Students are responible for providing documentation that demonstrates this similarity, including an official course description from the school (in an official school catalogue), a copy of course syllabi (clearly depicting topics covered), and copies of tests or other assignments which demonstrate that the work is equivalent to courses in one of the School's MS programs.  Without this documentation, requests for transfer credits will be denied.

4. A committee within the School of Pharmacy will review the request for transfer credits, based on the materials provided by the student. The decision of the committee is final.