MS Application Statement of Goals and Objectives (RAQA)

The statement of goals required for the MS application should be 1 - 2 typed pages and include the following:

1) What are your professional goals and objectives and how will the RAQA master's degree enable you to achieve them? Make sure you include the career path you have taken thus far and how you feel the program will facilitate the direction you wish to take.

2) What industry experience do you bring to the program? That is, as a RAQA student, what (unique) contributions can you bring to class discussions? Are there any special accomplishments you have made in your field that will enhance your educational experience?

3) Why have you chosen to pursue an MS now? Is graduate education a priority? How do you plan to juggle career (and/or family) demands while taking courses?

4) Does your statement of goals and objectives indicate that you can write well and at the graduate-level? Is your essay well composed, grammatically correct, cogent and cohesive? Do you demonstrate that you can make a compelling argument as to why you should be accepted into the program?