Proctored Exams: Makeups (RAQA)


Makeup Policy for Proctored Exams

Proctored Exams
All RAQA courses, regardless of format or location, require at least one proctored exam. Students are expected to take the proctored exam on the date listed in the official RAQA schedule of classes posted on the RAQA website. If a student is unable to take the exam on the scheduled date, regardless of the reason, that individual must pay a $25 fee to Temple University before a makeup exam is scheduled. This fee increases to $35 for a second request for a makeup exam, $50 for the third request, and $100 for a fourth request. Makeup exams must be taken within one week of the original exam date or the grade for the exam will be an automatic F. Again, the student must pay the makeup fee before the exam will be administered.