Billing Policies (RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences, GCPR)

Temple University's E-Billing Process

All Temple University students may view and pay their bills electronically.

What are e-bills?

E-bills are online student billing statements that display tuition, fees, financial aid and payments. E-bills are available on TUpay, Temple’s online billing and payment system. 

How does e-billing work?

You will receive an email through TUmail when your e-bill is available on TUpay. Temple uses TUmail for all correspondence with students. If you have authorized other payers in TUpay (such as your company for third-party billing) and they have listed an e-mail address in TUpay, they will also receive email notification when the e-bill is available.

How can I pay my e-bill?

a) Via TUPay: Payment is accepted by either e-check or credit card; however, you are not required to pay online

E-check is a fast and secure method to electronically pay your e-bill from a checking or savings account. There is no convenience fee when paying by e-check.

Credit Card: MasterCard, Discover, VISA, and American Express are accepted. If you pay by credit card, the TUpay vendor will assess a non-refundable 2.75% convenience fee. 

b) By mailing a check and bill remittance to our P.O. Box listed on the remittance.

c) In person: cash or checks are accepted at all Temple Bursar Office locations, including Temple University Ambler. (Please note: there is no Bursar at Temple University Fort Washington, but the Temple University Ambler campus is just four miles away. The Ambler Bursar's address is:  Temple U Ambler, Bursar, 580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, PA  19002).

Can I mail my payment?

Yes. However, we encourage you to make your payment online. (There is no charge for e-check payments). If you wish to mail your payment, print your bill, then detach and include the payment remittance form at the bottom of the bill with your payment. Write your TUid on the memo line at the bottom of the check. Mail the payment to:  Temple U Ambler, Bursar, 580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, PA  19002).

Does Temple have an installment plan?

Temple offers the Temple Deferred Payment Plan in the fall and spring semesters only, but its availability depends on when the RAQA schedule is posted. Students who do not pay the total account balance by the payment due date will be automatically enrolled in the University's Deferred Payment Plan and assessed the payment plan fees. See the Bursar's Office website for specific details each semester. No Deferred Payment Plan is offered for the summer semesters.

What are the benefits of e-billing?

  • Privacy – the bill is available on a website that does not list grades;
  • You can view your bill prior to submitting payment;
  • You are automatically notified by email when your bill is issued;
  • You have more time to receive, review and pay the bill prior to the due date;
  • Convenient access – your bill is available 24/7;
  • Your bill information is secure and confidential – only you and those you authorize can see your e-bills and payment history;
  • You will be able to access your billing history for up to 16 months; your payment history will be available for every past semester;
  • If you use third party billing, authorized payers can receive e-mail notification when your e-bill is available. 

How do I access my e-bill?

Log into TUpay ( or the TUPortal ( and enter your AccessNet user name and password (the information you enter to access your TUmail account). Select the link on the Tuportal homepage to connect to TUpay to view your bill and/or make a payment. Once in TUpay, select “View Accounts” - "Most Recent E-bill" from the menu on the left to view your most recent bill. Click on the “PDF Printable Statement” to print a copy of your bill. 

How do authorized payers access my e-bill?

Authorized payers log into TUPay at Once in TUpay, select “View Accounts” from the menu on the left to view the most recent bill. Click on the “PDF Printable Statement” to print a copy of the bill.”

How do I authorize my company or others to view and/or pay my e-bill?

In TUpay, select “Authorize Payers” from the menu on the left and complete the requested information to create a user name and password. Be sure to include an email address to ensure your authorized payer will receive an email when e-bills are available. Once it is set up, give your authorized payers their username and password. 

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password by logging into TUmail. If you have questions, please call the Help Desk at 215.204.8000 or email .

Can I receive a paper bill?

No. Only e-bills are issued.

How do I print a copy of my bill?

In TUpay, select “View Accounts” from the menu on the left to view your most recent bill. Click on the “PDF Printable Statement” to print a copy of your bill.

How can I get a copy of my bill for my employer or sponsor?

You have two options:

Print the bill and mail it to your employer or sponsor. 

Designate your employer or sponsor as an authorized payer. (This can only be done if your company accepts third party billing). Include their e-mail address, and they will receive an e-mail notification when the bill is available for viewing, printing and/or paying. 

Can I wait until the end of the semester to pay my bill?

No. Temple University expects payment in full for the course you are taking. Late fees and penalties are assessed if tuition is not paid by the stipulated due date.

How do I activate my Temple email account?

Once you are given your TUid number, you can activate your Temple email (TUmail) account. Follow the directions at:

You must have a TUmail address to access your bill and final grades at the end of the semester. It is also required for access to Zoom and Canvas (homepages used by instructors). 

Can I use my personal email or work email address instead of a TUmail account?

No. You must have a Temple email account to access your University bill. However, you can forward your Temple email account to either your work or personal email, so you don’t have to keep checking your Temple email for your bill. Just follow the directions on Temple’s email for doing this.

When are late fees imposed?

If you register after a class has officially begun, the University will automatically assess a $100.00 late fee. Sorry, but the RAQA Office is unable to delete these fees. Please make sure you register early to avoid paying a late fee.

How late may I drop a class and still get a complete refund?

If you are taking a weeknight class, you must drop BEFORE the third class meeting to receive a complete refund.

If you are taking a weekend class, you must drop BEFORE the second class meeting to receive a complete refund.

Sorry, but if you drop after these dates, you will not receive a refund for tuition and the University will continue to send you bills for the semester.

Please make sure you use the RA and QA Course Withdrawal Form if you drop a course. If you simply sign the back of your bill, the drop may not be processed and you will be responsible for payment in full. When you use the Course Withdrawal Form, you will receive written confirmation from the RA and QA Office that your course was dropped: