Recording Classes (RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences, GCPR)



RAQA instructors may decide whether they will record class lectures and whether they will provide those recordings to their students.

When students have documented reasons for needing to miss a class meeting, they should notify both their instructor in advance as well as the RAQA Office ( or 

While the RAQA office will try to obtain a recording, it cannot guarantee that one will always be made. If a recording is not made, it is the student's responsibility to obtain notes from another member of the class.

All RAQA courses and all recordings of RAQA courses are the property of Temple University School of Pharmacy and may not be copied, taped, recorded, or duplicated in any format for any reason. Class meetings (both online and on-campus) may not be recorded, taped, copied, or duplicated in any format for any reason. Violating these rules is a breach of the School’s Honor Code and will be reviewed by the School's administration, which may result in further action by the University's legal department. 

Students with disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Resource Services at Temple University to arrange for accommodations for class recordings as needed. 

Disability Resources and Services
Voice: 215.204.1280 TTY: 214.204.1786
Temple University is committed to the inclusion of students with disabilities and provides accessible instruction, including accessible technology and instructional materials.

The process for a student to request access and accommodations for this course is:
1) Advise the instructor of the need for access or accommodations;
2) Contact Disability Resources and Services to request accommodations;
3) DRS will consult with the instructor about essential components of the program;
4) Present the instructor with a DRS accommodation letter.

Any student who has a need for an accommodation based on the impact of a documented disability (including special accommodations for access to technology resources and electronic instructional materials required for the course) should contact the instructor privately to discuss the specific situation by the end of the second week of class (or as soon as practical).