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James S. Benson FDA Alumni Association Scholarship

Created in 2000, the Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association (FDAAA) is a non-profit volunteer service organization whose mission is to educate the public about the ever-expanding public health mission of the federal Food and Drug Administration. Members are former Agency employees who continue to use their specialized technical, scientific and institutional knowledge to perform public service related to the FDA.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Pure Food and Drugs Act, the FDAAA established an endowment to encourage academic training in regulatory and quality issues, selecting Temple University's RAQA Graduate Program as the recipient. The RAQA graduate program is deeply honored to receive this prestigious award.

The Scholarship was renamed in June 2018 in remembrance of James S. Benson, who worked tirelessly to raise FDAAA funds for the endowment when it was first created.

The FDAAA Centennial Scholarship Award is open to current and new Temple U RAQA students, who are not eligible for tuition reimbursement at their organization or receive only partial reimbursement. The scholarship is awarded on financial need and academic merit. At least one scholarship is specifically slated for a member of the FDA each year. The awards are given for each Fall semester and consist of the tuition costs for one RAQA course (exclusive of the University Services fee). In some cases, the Committee may decide to offer partial funding to a student.

Would you like to contribute to the James S. Benson FDA Alumni Association Centennial Scholarship?

The James S. Benson FDA Alumni Association Centennial Scholarship is the first School of Pharmacy scholarship slated for RAQA students.

Education plays a critical role in shaping people’s lives, opening placement opportunities for them, and expanding their career paths. There are many students in the RAQA graduate program who have no source of funding for their education and would be grateful to receive financial support.

You can make a difference in a student’s life by sending donations to the James S. Benson FDA Alumni Association Centennial Scholarship Fund. All donations go directly to the James S. Benson FDA Alumni Association Centennial Scholarship and are tax deductible, as permitted by federal law.

To contribute to the fund, please send donations to:

Christopher Van Vessem, Assistant Dean for Development
Temple University School of Pharmacy
3307 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140

The check should be made out to Temple University School of Pharmacy. On the memo section of the check, please indicate the James S. Benson FDA Alumni Association Centennial.

Thank you for your generosity.  

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