Registration Checklist for Online Students (RAQA)

____1. Review Expectations of Online Students (PDF), which explains our Online Learning platform (Zoom) and the SOPs for participating in our online classes. Visit the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Homepage, so you can learn more about our graduate programs, certificates, and the academic policies of Temple University's Graduate School.

____2. Review the list of courses scheduled for the upcoming semester. Since you're new to the program, please select courses that do not have prerequisites. We want to make sure you do well in our program, so start with the basics.

____3. Complete the self-test of Zoom. You'll need the keyword at the end to complete your registration form. (You'll find the link for the self-test of Zoom in Expectations of Online Students (PDF).) 
____4. Fill out the Registration form for Online Course (PDF) and submit it to our office (Email it to  or fax it to 267.468.8565). You'll need to 1) indicate that you read the Expectations of Online Students (PDF), and 2) you included the password for the self-test of Zoom. Make sure your form is complete before submitting it. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

You must also read, sign, and submit the Proctoring Process Form (PDF) with your registration form for one of our online courses.

____5. If this is your first registration with Temple University, or if you have recently moved from one state to another, please make sure you include a state residency form.

____6. If you're new to our program, include a copy of your signed resume. Include a PHOTOCOPY of the transcript where you received your highest degree.

____7. Please include a recent, color photo of yourself.

Once you're officially registered for one of our courses

____8. Please sign and forward the Proctoring Agreement (PDF) within the first two weeks of class. 

____9. Make sure you are familiar with the Drop/Add policies for Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance courses.

____10. Learn more about our RAQA graduate program (how it works, certificates available, when to apply, etc.).  Attend an on-line Open House by emailing for more information.