Adding Photo to TUmail (RAQA)

Enhance Your Online Zoom Experience at Temple U

Add your Photo to your TUmail account!

It can be difficult for your online instructor to get to know you solely by email, instant chat, and text messaging.
We strongly suggest you add your photo to your TUmail account.

Here are step-by-step instructions:
1. Find a good “head shot” of yourself, or ask someone to take one on their digital camera. Download the image to your computer.

2. Log onto the TUmail system (you can also enter through Banner).

3. When your TUmail account opens, look at the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER and hover your mouse over the small image of a wheel (or gear). When you do this, the word Setting will appear, which you should click.

4. A small menu will appear. Click Mail Settings.

5. When the Mail Settings button opens, scroll down to the Photo option.
Simply upload your photograph. It will appear whenever you send your instructor a message through TUmail.

Need other technical help? Contact David Brickett, Assistant Director of Technology at