California (RAQA)

Welcome, students from California!  Join our students from the San Diego Biotech area, who recognize the prestige of receiving a master's degree from Temple's renowned RAQA graduate program as well as the many advantages to pursuing our program:

  • Temple U is the recognized leader in RAQA graduate education, offering courses and non-thesis MS degree programs for more than 50 years.
  • Curently (2021) Temple has over 80 courses in its RAQA program, giving you more choices and flexbility with scheduling.
  • All  of Temple's RAQA courses are online.  No need to travel to complete your degree!
  • Temple has a wide range of great certificate programs on very current issues including Biopharmaceutical RA, Validation Sciences, Global Pharmacovigilance, Medical Devices, and more.
  • Temple's faculty work in industry and the FDA, so they are authorities in their fields with years of experience
  • The networking in Temple's RAQA program is fantastic.  The program has more than 2600 graduates, many of whom are leaders in FDA and industry.
  • Temple participates in the KENX conferences offered in San Diego, so you often can meet members of the administration at these events.

Our interactive, online platform (Zoom) enables you to participate in RAQA courses from your home or office.  

Live, online classes provide you with fresh, up-to-date trends and concepts, which you can immediately apply to work.

You may start, continue, or finish your certificate or degree program during any semester (fall, spring, or summer).

Please see the Temple U Registration and Billing Procedures link above for registration information, or call 267.468.8560 for help with getting started.