Applying for MS Graduation (RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences or GCPR)

If You Anticipate Receiving the MS in RAQA or Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science, or Global Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Regulations at the End of This Semester

You must apply for graduation. You should receive a notice from the University about the deadline for applying. If you do not, please contact the RA and QA Office.

To apply:

Go to the TUPortal and enter Banner
Click the Self-Service Banner Link (on the left)
Click Student
Click Student Records
Click Apply to Graduate

After you apply for graduation in Self-Service Banner, please send an email to Almira Cutler in the Graduate Studies Office (, so she can verify that your request has been processed.

Applicants who apply after the stated deadline may not appear in the Commencement and School Graduation program books or receive all graduation-related documents and communications (including a diploma). All questions relating to graduation should be directed to the Graduate Studies Office (215.707.4948.).

To be eligible to graduate you must have:

1. Completed the minimum of required credits for the MS program. Each course may only be counted once.  If a course was retaken for any reason, it will not be counted twice towards graduation credits.  Courses with substandard grades (below C-) do not count towards graduation and must be repeated.  (For RAQA, 36 credits or 12 courses are required.  For Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences, 30 credits or 10 courses are required.  For the MS in Global Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Regulations, 30 credits are required.)

2. Completed all courses required in the specific degree, including any courses that the Office of Graduate Studies or the Assistant Dean of RAQA required you to complete. 

  • RAQA has four required courses (Drug Development, Food and Drug Law, a Good Practices Course, and either Quality Audit or IND/NDA Submissions).
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences has eight required courses (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing I; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing II; Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Physical Pharmacy; Regulatory Sciences; IND/NDA Submissions; Facilities, Utilities and Equipment; and one Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls course (5576 or 5577).
  • GCPR has eight required courses (Drug Development; Good Clinical Practices; Clinical Trial Management; Good Pharmacovigilance Operations; Regulatory and Legal Basis of Pharmacovigilance; Benefit-Risk Management and Safety Signaling of Healthcare Products; Pharmacoepidemiology; and Clinical Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance OR Post-Marketing Safety Surveillance.)

3. Finished appropriate elective courses.

3. Finished all grades of "I" (Incomplete). Students with grades of "I" on their academic records are not eligible to graduate.

4. Removed any "MG" (missing grades) or "NR" (not recorded) notations from your transcript. Students with grades of MG or NR are not eligible to graduate.

5. Earned an overall, cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 in the RA and QA courses you completed (which includes having no more than 2 grades below a B- on your academic record).

5. Have no University holds on your account (which includes library, financial, or academic holds).

Details about the University Graduation Ceremony and the RA and QA Graduation Celebration will be available in late spring. Make sure you email Patricia Lee () when you have applied for graduation, so you will automatically receive an invitation to the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance event.