Online Course Withdrawal Form (RAQA)


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Add courses

Please indicate which course(s) you wish to add. If the semester has already started, and the course has already met once, you are responsible for obtaining the instructor's permission before adding it. The RAQA Office may have a recording of the first class (but this is not always the case). We will send an email confirmation that your class has been added.

Drop Courses

Please review our Drop policies posted on the website and distributed on the first day of class.

Enter the information for any course you wish to drop, then hit the submit button below. If you wish to switch to another class, please enter that information in the Add Course area.

To receive a complete refund for a course, the RAQA office must receive this form BEFORE the second class (weekend courses) or BEFORE the third class (weeknight courses). There are no exceptions: if you drop a class after the stipulated deadline, you are responsible for the full tuition. Your email confirmation will reflect the date that the RAQA Office received this form and will determine whether you are eligible for a refund. We will email a confirmation when your course withdrawal is processed. We cannot accept course withdrawals by phone.

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