Graduation Procedures (RAQA)

Graduation Procedure (MS in RA and QA only)

To be eligible to receive the MS in RA and QA, you must:

  • complete a minimum of 36 semester hours in RAQA courses completed within 5 years from when you originally matriculated into the program;
  • successfully completed four requirements: 1) Drug Development; 2) Food and Drug Law; 3) a Good Practices course (GMPs, GCPs, GLPs, or Advanced GMPs); and 4)either Quality Audit or IND/NDA Submissions;
  • earn a cumulative GPA in the RAQA program of 3.0 or above in all 12 courses (note: courses where substandard grades were earned must be repeated);
  • finish any grades of I (Incomplete) on your academic record, and not have any grades of MG (missing grades) on your transcript;
  • pay all Temple University tuition bills and fees in full. You must also have returned all borrowed materials to the University libraries.

In addition, you must formally APPLY for graduation. This is done through the TUportal. There is no charge for doing this. When you first matriculate into the RA and QA graduate program, you pay a $45.00 matriculation fee, which covers the cost of receiving your diploma at the end of the program.

To Apply for Graduation, log into the TUportal, then click Student Tools near the top of the page. Go to the Records channel (on the right side of the page under Registration). Click Apply to Graduate button. You should also contact Almira Cutler in the Graduate Studies Office (see information below).

You should check your academic record to ensure you have fulfilled the academic requirements for receiving the MS in RAQA. 

Temple University issues diplomas 3 times each year (January/May/August). The University holds one graduation ceremony per year in May. The RA and QA program holds one annual graduation celebration in late May/early June.

Application for graduation deadlines are as follows. We strongly urge you to apply for graduation by these dates:

• October 1st for January Graduation
• February 1st for May Graduation
• May 1st for August Graduation

These dates are subject to change each year. Please confirm them with the Graduate Studies Office or you can also find the dates on the Temple University homepage under Academic Calendars. Again, do not wait until the deadline to submit your application. If you miss the deadline, you may not be able to receive your diploma until the following semester.

Please contact Almira Cutler, Office of Graduate Studies, after you have completed the Graduation Application Form on Self-Service Banner. She will work with the RA and QA Office in making sure you are invited to the RA and QA Graduation Celebration in May/June.

Almira Cutler
phone: 215-707-4948
fax: 215-707-5620

NOTE: Temple University will not release your diploma or award your degree if you have not satisfied all requirements of your degree program.


Your diploma will be mailed directly to your home. Please be aware that it takes approximately 2 months after the official graduation date. Thus, January graduates generally receive their diplomas in mid-March; August graduates generally receive their diplomas in mid-October; and May graduates usually receive their diplomas in mid-July.