The RAQA program is centrally located in the tri-state hub of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical activitiy (PA, NJ,  and Delaware).  Depending upon their proximity to our Fort Washington location, many NJ students travel to our site to enjoy traditional classroom learning on weeknights or weekends.  The large majority prefer to pursue our programs through online, interactive learning.  A large number of our students work for NJ companies based in Bridgewater, Cherry Hill, Cranford, Morristown, North Brunswick, Pine Brook, and Princeton.

Our NJ students represent the many areas of interest that are available in our comprehensive program:

  • NJ is home to several of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, including Bayer Healthcare, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novartis, and Novo Nordisk.  Students from these companies continue to participate in our RAQA graduate programs.  
  • Some students come from clinical research organizations.
  • Numerous students work for medical device companies within the state.
  • Students pursuing our Food RA and QA certificate come from the food industry, including Acme, Allen Flavors, Campbell Soup, and Robert Flavors. 
  • Pharmacists working at numerous pharmacies pursue our courses in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance to pursue the varied career options in the pharmaceutical industry.  Others pursue the degree in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences due to their strong backgrounds in pharmaceutical science.
  • Physicians and clinicians working at various hospitals, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center pursue our courses to open new career paths within regulated industry.
  • Our students also work for NJ offices of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

All of our13 certificates have been pursued by students in NJ, the most popular including, Drug Development, Medical Devices, Clinical Trial Management, Global Pharmacovigilance, Labeling, Advertising & Promostions, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Regulatory Affairs, and Sterile Process Manufacturing.

Our programs in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences, and Global Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Regulations are known for our outstanding faculty, who are experts from industry and FDA.  Many have taught in our program for a decade or more, passionate about its mission and committed to teaching the next generation of leaders about the intricacies of regulatory affairs and quality assurance. 

Courses are live transmissions, which enable you to be engaged in open discussions with industry professionals from across the country and world.  You can ask and discuss questions that arise at your work and network with professionals from other companies and organizations.    

You may start, continue, or finish your certificate or degree program during any semester (fall, spring, or summer).

All three of our non-thesis Master's Programs are available completely online:  RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences, and Medical Devices. 

We schedule Open House events in Princeton throughout the year as well as at our Fort Washington site.   We also give online information sessions. If you'd like an invitation to the next event, email:  .

We offer 80+ online graduate courses in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.

Our interactive, online platform (Zoom) enables you to participate in RAQA courses from your home or ofice. 

For more information, email , or call 267.468.8560 for help with getting started.