Dr. Gopalakrishnan '20 Received U.S. Public Health Service Award

On April 30, 2020 Vaishnavi Gopalakrishnan, PharmD '20 was recognized as a recipient of the United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award. Commander James Mason, PharmD presented the award in recognition of her commitment to furthering public health not only in the City of Philadelphia, but also globally. Commander Mason is a student at the School of Pharmacy enrolled in the Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.
The award was established in 2003 and was awarded to 90 students across the country this year. Vaishnavi was chosen for this prestigious award because of her many efforts in the field of public health. Those efforts include, but are not limited to, organizing monthly health fairs in a local food pantry, spearheading the “Save a School” initiative which provided funding to an elementary school in Camden, NJ, and helped launch a medical missions trip to India, The Chennai Rx Pharmacy Team, precepted by Dr. Nicole Sifontis.

When accepting this award, Vaishnavi stated “From a young age my parents definitely instilled in me and my brother the value of service, especially to communities that helped raise us.” This life-long commitment to enhancing the betterment of mankind that she has already displayed so passionately will be continued as she steps into her new role in the Whiteriver Indian Health Service Hospital PGY1 Residency in Whiteriver, AZ. 

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