Message from the Dean









April 23, 2020

Message from the Dean

Greetings, and thank you for exploring Temple University School of Pharmacy.

Temple University’s motto is “Perseverantia Vincit” or “Perseverance Conquers.” Over the past few weeks, Temple University has joined much of the world in facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Having recently assumed the role of dean of Temple University School of Pharmacy on November 1, 2019, this crisis has certainly taken my plans for my deanship in unexpected directions. In the face of it all, the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the School of Pharmacy demonstrate uncompromising perseverance.

We’ve all come together to make sure that we continue to provide opportunities to earn degrees in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and regulatory affairs and lead innovations in pharmacy practice and science. These days, this mission looks different than usual. We are delivering our curriculum online and continue to find innovative ways for our students to fulfill their experiential education obligations in order to stay on track toward graduation. Our labs are being maintained by essential staff and non-essential in-lab research is suspended for the time being. 

The dedication of our faculty, staff, and students is manifesting through innovations that aim to reduce the burden of COVID-19. We’re collecting supplies to donate to the State of Pennsylvania and Temple Health, preparing to produce hand sanitizer in our manufacturing lab, and delivering telemedicine across all pharmacy specialties. Certainly, there will be more to come as time progresses.

Many of our alumni are on the front lines right now, delivering pharmacy care in overrun hospitals and other facilities and in community pharmacies everywhere. They’re at risk of exposure to COVID-19, short on personal protective equipment, under-recognized for their work, and yet showing up and doing the best for their patients. Other alumni are leading and contributing to public health initiatives, drug research and development, and decision making in public service.

Grounded on a history dating back to 1901, the TUSP’s vision to promote and preserve pharmacy and pharmacy-related professions by delivering excellence and opportunity through education, scholarship, research, and practice is as clear as ever. We will persevere, and we welcome you to join us in our endeavors.

Jayanth Panyam, Ph.D.