DIY Face Mask Instructions from David Brookstein, Sc.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Senior Associate Dean at Temple University College of Engineering and Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers

"While watching all the curious suggestions for mask replacements in the news I have drawn on my extensive knowledge in textile, apparel and protective clothing to design a personal mask that I am confident can offer substantial wearer protection from the COVID-19 virus.

I have shared this design and a method of making it with friends and family along with the College of Engineering COVID -19 response team.  

Please remember that this design is not FDA or NIOSH approved. But from where I sit and based on my 45 years of engineering experience, which includes designing chemical and biological protective garments for the US Army, I think this is a great substitution for N95 respirators if they are not available.


Link:  Mask Assembly Instructions

Link:  Personal Protective Mask idea