Critical Care Structure

Structure of the Critical Care Residency Program


Required Rotations:

Orientation (5 weeks)

Medical/Respiratory Intensive Care Unit I (6 weeks)

Medical/Respiratory Intensive Care Unit II (6 weeks)

Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unit (6 weeks)

Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (6 weeks)

Emergency Medicine (6 weeks)


Elective Rotations:

Neurology/Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit

Infectious Disease Consult Coronary Intensive Care Unit

Repeat of any required rotations


Residency Requirements:

Complete research project

Complete a written manuscript and presentation at the Philadelphia-area critical care pharmacists residency research night

Additional project (e.g. writing project, additional research project)

Medication Use Evaluation

Committee participation

Teaching certificate course (if not already completed in PGY1 program)


Didactic and Clinical Teaching:

Two didactic lectures  

Lead a section of the Pharmacotherapy recitation course

IPPE /APPE Precepting


Education Experiences:

Lectures to third professional year pharmacy students

A lecture in the critical care elective and the core clinical pharmacokinetics course is required

Serve as the primary preceptor for the 4th year pharmacy students on the Medical/Respiratory Intensive Care Unit II rotation

Co-precept fourth year pharmacy students on other rotations

Serve as a co-instructor in Pharmacy Care Recitation in the fall semester (small group teaching)

Serve as a primary instructor in Pharmacy Care Recitation II in the spring semester

Participate in third year Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience precepting

Other optional opportunities exist, including lecturing in allied health courses, teaching in additional pharmacy courses, hospital staff in-services


The role of a pharmacist as an educator is emphasized throughout the program.


Professional Experiences

Additional professional writing project (e.g. review article, case report) Complete a critical care-related project

Network with Philadelphia-area critical care pharmacists during semi-annual meetings

Attend a professional meeting


There is no staffing requirement.