Critical Care Structure

Structure of the program


Required Rotations:

Orientation (5 weeks)

Medical/Respiratory Intensive Care Unit I (6 weeks)

Medical/Respiratory Intensive Care Unit II (6 weeks)

Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unit (6 weeks)

Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (6 weeks)


Elective Rotations:

Emergency Medicine

Neurology/Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit

Infectious Disease

Others depending on interest and availability


Residency Requirements:

  • Complete research project and written manuscript
  • Additional writing project
  • Medication Use Evaluation
  • Committee participation
  • Teaching certificate course (if not already completed in PGY1 program)
  • Didactic and Clinical teaching:
  1. Two didactic lectures 
  2. Lead a section of the Pharmacotherapy recitation course
  3.  IPPE /APPE Precepting

Education Experiences

  • Lectures to 3rd professional year pharmacy students. A lecture in the critical care elective and the core clinical pharmacokinetics course is required.
  • Serve as the primary preceptor for the 4th year pharmacy students on the  Medical/Respiratory Intensive Care Unit service (once)
  • Co-precept 4th year pharmacy students on other rotations
  • Serve as a co-instructor in Pharmacy Care Recitation  in the fall semester (small group teaching).
  •  Serve as a primary instructor in Pharmacy Care Recitation II in the spring semester.
  •        Participate in 3rd year Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience precepting
  • Other opportunities exist, including lecturing in allied health courses at other institutions, hospital staff in-services

The role of a pharmacist as an educator is emphasized throughout the program.

Professional Experiences

  • Writing and submission of a review article or case report for publication
  • Complete a critical care-related project
  • Network with Philadelphia-area critical care pharmacists during semi-annual meetings
  • Attend professional meetings.

There is no staffing requirement.