Teaching opportunities


Each of the PGY2 residencies at TUSP has both required and optional teaching opportunities as part of its structure. There are differences between the programs and availability of some optional teaching experiences can vary by year (such as teaching in elective courses). Core teaching experiences are requirements of the programs; optional experiences are dependent on resident progress.


Core experiences


  • Delivery of at least one lecture in a course in the TUSP PharmD curriculum
  • Precepting fourth-year PharmD students on a 6-week advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) that is central to the PGY2 residency (i.e. infectious diseases consults for the ID program)
  • Teaching in two semesters of Pharmaceutical Care Recitation, a small-group course with enrollment of <20 students. Residents are paired with faculty members in the fall semester and teach independently in the spring semester, with preceptor support. These courses meet approximately six times per semester. 
  • Precepting third-year PharmD students on introductory pharmacy practice experiences that often includes interprofessional students at Temple University Hospital


In addition to the teaching rotation, residents will often be on rotations with 4th year PharmD students present. Teaching responsibilities vary by program, but are not central to those rotations. 


Elective experiences

  • Precepting additional APPE rotations, after a first teaching rotation. 
  • Lectures in elective courses
  • Delivering educational programming to medical students and residents
  • Lectures at other educational institutions
  • Participation in the PGY1 Teaching Certificate program (which is led by TUSP faculty)