TUSP Hosts the 2019 Temple University School of Pharmacy Cultural Diversity Day

Ethnicity and its relevance in pharmacy was demonstrated in different ways at the 2019 Temple University School of Pharmacy Cultural Diversity Day, a biennial event that has been running since 2009.

The program, held at the Student Faculty Center on Friday, February 15, opened with a talent showcase. Dean Peter H. Doukas, Ph.D.'s opening remarks included a call to rely on personal ancestry for grounding in a sometimes rootless world. The keynote presentation by Charles Ruchalski, Pharm.D. described his Polish/Italian family's evolution from culturally underexposed to wholly embracing of his wife's Vietnamese heritage. Student performances demonstrated how cultures blend and evolve in America. Entertainers included a traditional Vietnamese dancer, singer songwriter, opera singer, pianist and more. A colorful fashion show of traditional formal attire from around the world closed the showcase.   

The showcase was followed by an abundant multicultural potluck that led into a poster session. Poster topics involved international pharmacy policies, trends, and treatment modalities. Attendees learned that ethnicity can provide a shortcut to identifying genetic factors that influence prescribing from the poster "Genetic Variability Among Ethnic Groups and the Importance of Pharmacogenomics in Patient-Centered Care." 

A raffle contest challenging participants to get a passport stamped at each "stop" threaded the program together.

The event was coordinated by student leaders Sunny Ro, Akili Martin, Shalana Crudup, Kyle Lamb, Nina Melito, and Zach Delisi and was supported by faculty members, Drs. Hellerslia, Lebo, Min and Sifontis and staff members Haley Ashby, Maria Cruz, Joan Hankins, Marilyn Meissler, Scotia Rambo, and Leigh Webber.