TUSP Well-Represented at the Second Annual Temple University President's Innovation Award Gala

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, Temple University hosted the second annual President's Innovation Award Gala to " to honor Temple’s top inventors distinguished in research."


University President, Richard M. Englert and the Vice President for Research, Michele Masucci, recognized 34 startup and commercialization partners that emerged at the university in 2018. The School of Pharmacy was among the five schools and colleges recognized and was well-represented with the following initiatives:

BioBioHealth Formulations

Express Cells



Rescensa Therapeutics


"Given the number of faculty scientists that we have at the school, we demonstrate exceptional volume and excellent outcomes with regard to startup companies."--Peter H. Doukas, Dean


ExpressCells received one of three 2018 Translational Research Awards sponsored by SmartInvest. Oscar Perez-Leal, MD, MS, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at the School of Pharmacy and CEO Matt Handel founded and lead ExpressCells in using gene editing to help drug companies save time and money in drug development.


ExpressCells provides a method for keeping cells alive so that researchers can observe drug effects in more realistic conditions. The SmartInvest award will enable Perez-Leal and Handel to expand their market presence ahead of schedule.