A Call for Participation at the Committee Level of the TUSP Alumni Association

The directors and members of the Temple University School of Pharmacy Alumni Association (TUSPAA) extend a warm and encouraging welcome to those who wish to become involved in the association's Program and Student Relations committees.


The Program Committee is currently co-chaired by Sejal Patel, PHR '08 and Ashlin Miller, PHR '13 and is responsible for planning, arranging, and coordinating meetings, programs, and events of the association.


The Student Relations Committee is currently chaired by Olga Woloszczuk, PHR '85 and is responsible for bringing about a closer relationship between the students and the association by arranging programs with and for the students in collaboration with TUSP administration.


If you are interested or have questions, please contact Katie Battista, director of alumni relations at bat@temple.edu or 215-707-7652.




TUSPAA promotes continuing alumni activities and interest in support of the aims, ideas, and purposes of Temple University School of Pharmacy (TUSP) and to serve as the coordinating organization of alumni activities of TUSP.


All graduates of all TUSP programs are TUSPAA members and are not required to pay dues. A few members have been nominated or elected by a majority vote as honorary members.


TUSPAA has eight committees, including Executive, Officers Nominating, Board of Directors Nominating, Program, Student Relations, Pharmacy Award, Board History and Compliance Committee, and Representatives.