Get Started (RAQA)


How do you get started in our Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance graduate programs?

Just register for a course.  It's that easy.  You do NOT need to apply to get started

How can you learn more about all of the benefits of our programs?  To get started, we suggest you:   

Most new students start with Drug Developent (5459), but since we offer 4 master's programs, 80+ courses, and numerous certificates, you have lots of choices. 

You may complete 3 courses before you need to apply for a Certificate or the MS.  (If you already have a graduate degree and want to pusue a Post-Master's Certificate, you must apply first.)

How do you apply for a Certificate or one of our MS programs?

  • If you're completing a Certificate, review the Certificate application instructions.
  • If you're applying for the MS, review instructions for:   US citizens  OR   International Students
  • If you wish to pursue the MS but do not have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, contact Ms. Brenda Haslego (267.468.8559 or