Proctoring SOPs


  • Identify date of proctored test on the class schedule
  • Provide specifics of the exam (length, when it will be administered, open or closed book, etc.)
  • Include proctoring information on their syllabus, which is reviewed during the first class
  • Remind students (in first class) that Proctoring Agreement (PDF) is due in the RAQA Office by the deadline.


  • Agree to take the Proctored Exam at the specified day at the specified time
  • Agree to select an acceptable proctor as specified by the RAQA Office
  • Submit the Registration Form for Online Courses and Proctoring Procedures (PDF)
  • Receive Proctoring SOPs
  • Submit the completed Proctoring Agreement (PDF) by the required date for the proctored midterm OR final
  • Provide their proctors with a copy of Proctoring SOPs
  • Provide an addressed envelope (8 1/2 " by 11") with return postage (about $6.00 Priority Mail) to the proctor.

RAQA Office:

  • Confirms dates and times of exam with faculty, students, and proctors
  • Distributes Proctoring SOPs to students and instructors.
  • Collects Proctoring Procedures (PDF) from students
  • Arranges Fort Washington proctors for local students or confirms RPNow proctoring procedures
  • Contacts proctors to review procedures two weeks before the exam
  • Creates Honor Statements for each class
  • Obtains exams from instructors
  • Faxes exams and Honor Statements to proctors at appointed times
  • Makes copies of all exams received and mails originals to instructor.
  • Reports any academic issues or concerns immediately to the Dean and Graduate Studies Office

If a student or proctor does not comply with the Proctoring SOPs, the student may be excluded from registration for online courses in future semesters. If the problem recurs, the matter will be considered a breach of the University’s Honor Code and dealt with accordingly.