Rising College Seniors Can Apply for a Summer Research Grant + Mentorship Until March 31

The Temple University School of Pharmacy Graduate Program is pleased to announce a competition for faculty-mentored summer research awards for domestic undergraduate rising seniors at Temple University and area institutions who are traditionally underrepresented in their field of study and who anticipate applying to the Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Science degree program in Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities Program (USROP) Award is valued at $4,000 to provide eligible students with funding to encourage their pursuit of research activity. 


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Awardees will be mentored by the faculty of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop research techniques and methodologies for use in master’s thesis or research doctoral dissertation research.


Project options include:


Profiling tumor biochemistry under hypoxic conditions with a focus on carbonic anhydrases: Towards novel drug delivery systems with improved efficacy

Faculty mentor: Marc Ilies, PhD, Professor (Research/Instruction)

Research interests: Medicinal chemistry and drug design, drug and nucleic acid delivery systems, nanotechnology


Use of artificial membranes to study cellular permeability

Faculty mentor: Ken Korzekwa, PhD, Professor

Research interests: Predictive models for human pharmacokinetics, modeling transporter kinetics


Drug partitioning into RBCs with and without an intact glycocalyx

Faculty mentor: Swati Nagar, PhS, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Research interests:  Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Drug metabolism; Modeling and simulation of PK and drug-interactions


Novel pharmacological compounds for memory enhancement in mouse models

Faculty mentor: Ellen Walker, PhD, Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research interests: Behavioral pharmacology of analgesia, substance abuse, cognition, and feeding


2021 USROP applications are due by March 31, 2021.



Swati Nagar, PhD (she/her)

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences