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We've been preparing a pharmacy workforce for the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond for more than 100 years. We're a launchpad for leading pharmaceutical researchers and regulators that have a global impact.


Temple's iconic faculty will lead you to a lucrative, fulfilling career. You will have access to a supportive professional network that will help you reach your potential.


Learn and be inspired in Philadelphia - a city that delivers diversity of people, experiences, and resources. Our relationships with Temple University and Temple Health support hands-on learning and innovative collaborations.


Since 1901, the school maintains the vision of Temple's founder, Russell Conwell - to provide opportunities for people to transform their lives - even against all odds.

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Temple Pharmacy creates an environment where growth is not just encouraged but also celebrated. Happy to be a part of the Temple pharmily!

Swak at Student Faculty Center

Swak Sarpong

PharmD '26