Temple University School of Pharmacy Receives Million Dollar Bequest From the Estate of Dr. Joye Ann Billow

Joye Ann Billow was born (July 28, 1943) and raised in Middletown, Pennsylvania. She attended Temple University School of Pharmacy (TUSP) and received her BS in Pharmacy degree in 1966, graduating second in her class and receiving three graduation awards: The H. Evert Kendig Pharmacy Award; The Merck Award; and, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Rho Pi Phi Fraternity Award. Following her graduation she entered a doctoral program in Medicinal Chemistry at TUSP, and upon its completion in 1973 was appointed a member of the faculty at South Dakota State University (SDSU) College of Pharmacy.

At Temple University Joye impressed both faculty and peers alike with her driving work ethic, clarity of thought, boundless sense of inquiry, and wry humor. Throughout her university experience, Joye worked outside of school to provide an economic foundation for herself, even while devoting countless hours to studying and lab work. All of this dedicated effort nurtured a well-deserved sense of pride in her accomplishments. Joye was an astute and sensitive observer of the human condition and always took the opportunity to extend her generosity to others. At South Dakota State University Dr. Billow was highly respected as a faculty member by peers and students alike. During her time in Brookings, South Dakota she developed many generous initiatives on behalf of others, especially for women seeking to develop their innate potential and for women in need. In 2002 Dr. Billow was named SDSU Woman of Distinction.

In 2008 Dr. Billow established the Joye Ann Billow Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of her parents Mary D. and Schuyler E. Billow, at TUSP. Dr. Billow passed away last December (December 6, 2013). She bequeathed one million dollars from her estate to TUSP, one-half of which is to accrue to the aforementioned endowed scholarship fund and the other half to endow a faculty development fund at TUSP.

Reflecting upon Dr. Billow's loyalty to TUSP and the transformational power of her outstanding gift, Dean Peter Doukas stated: "We are profoundly moved by this major bequest. Joye Billow and I were lab-mates, along with several other students during graduate school. Those of us fortunate enough to have shared time and space with her were privileged to count her as a friend and colleague. We shall always cherish Joye's memory, informing all who benefit from its generosity about her powerful legacy to her alma mater."