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You can train in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacodynamics and prepare to work in influential positions in academia, industry, government, and other research and development environments. Enrolled full-time, you can complete these programs in five years on average. Applications for fall terms are due by December 15 of the prior year.

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Outside of the labs, our faculty and staff help you secure internships, conference participation, and membership and leadership in scientific organizations, including Temple’s American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Student Chapter. They coordinate the annual events GRADSCAN and Research and Recognition Day, providing forums for presenting your research and networking.

Located in Philadelphia, the school is among the pharmaceutical industry hubs of the Northeastern United States. Our home on the Temple University Health Sciences Center campus is a nucleus of healthcare delivery, education, and research.


Medicinal Chemistry is the chemical approach to understanding the biological effects of drugs and integrates organic chemistry pharmacology, biochemistry physiology, and molecular biology.

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of dosage form design and integrates drug delivery drug formulation, drug pharmacokinetics, and pharmacokinetic modeling.

Pharmacodynamics utilizes molecular, biochemical, and behavioral approaches to explore the interface of physiology neuroscience, pathology pharmacology, and pharmacogenomics.