Student Government

Student Government

At the end of September, elections will be held and individuals  will be selected as representatives of the class.  These individuals act as a liaison between the class members,  faculty, and administration. The functions of the  class officers include:
  1. Attending meetings with faculty and administration  personnel.
  2. Participating in planning of school functions such as  the Holiday Party and the Annual School Picnic.
  3. Coordinating test dates with Student Services for the  academic year.
  4. Opening and maintaining a class bank account.
  5. Raising money for the class trip, class gift, etc.

Official Titles


Direct contact with individual faculty members for the class.


Assists the President in meetings, etc. Also, the Vice-
President will now serve on the Student Council
(rather than the President).


Maintains all accounts and books.

Student Council Representatives (2)

Represent constituents on School committees and
serve as School of Pharmacy liaisons on University
committees as needed.


Elections are held annually for the first two years. Elections will be held during the month of September. If you are interested in running for office, a petition with 25 signatures of other class members must be submitted to the Student Services Office. A GPA of 2.50 must be maintained while a student is in office.

Class Officers

Class of 2015
Advisor: Dr. Susan Kent
President: Terrence Gardner
VP: Kristen Schmerbeck
Sec/Treas: Sarah Picozzi
Reps: Cara Costolloe/ Samantha Brown

Class of 2016
Advisor: Dr. Marc Ilies
President: Tyler Salovin
VP: Matt Salkovitz
Sec/Treas: Laura Neiman
Rep: Ta-Seti Donald/Peymon Tavangar

Class of 2017
Advisor: Dr. Michael Barros
President: Daniel VanDorn
VP: Jonathan Douek
Sec/Treas: Peter Nikolos
Reps: Sophia Antoine/Jola Salavaci