Student Government

Student Government

At the end of September, elections will be held and individuals  will be selected as representatives of the class.  These individuals act as a liaison between the class members, faculty, administration and Alumni. The functions of the  class officers include:
  1. Attending meetings with various stakeholder groups
  2. Participating in planning of school functions such as the annual winter formal and class picnic.
  3. Coordinating with the office of Office of Student Services to schedule tests and events.
  4. Opening and maintaining a class bank account.
  5. Raising funds for activities and efforts, such as the class trip and class gift.

Official Titles

  • President

  • Vice-President

  • Treasurer

  • Student Council Representatives (2)


Elections are held annually in September for the first two years. If a student is interested in running to be a class officer, they must submit a petition with 25 signatures of other class members to the Office of Student Services. A GPA of 2.50 must be maintained while a student holds the title of class officer.

Class Officers

Class of 2021

Advisor:                     Anisha Grover

President:                  Brett Nguyen

Vice President:          Brett Nguyen

Secretary/Treasurer: Martha Phillips

Representatives:       Lauren Nguyen, Elefterios Pitsakis


Class of 2022

Advisor:                      Margaret Miklich

President:                   Kevin Ly

Vice President:           Dia Takiedine

Secretary/Treasurer:   Kyle Taylor

Representatives:         Deep Patel, Nina Thoguluva


Class of 2023

Advisor:                        Carlos Barrero

President:                     Safwan Khan

Vice President:             Jaicha Valerio

Secretary/Treasurer:    Grace Bringhurst

Class Representatives:Jacqueline Quenzer, Tyler Mac


Class of 2024

Advisor:                        Van Hellerslia, PharmD

President:                    Sawyer Patrick (Section C)

Vice President:             Bijal Shah (Section A)

Treasurer:                      Astha Desai (Section F)

Secretary:                     Jasmine Williams (Section E)

Class Representative:    Jillian Brown (Section B), Mark Abdelmalek (Section D), Abigail Basciano (Section G), Gabriel Vivas (Section H)