Lambda Kappa Sigma

Advisors: Dr. Melissa Ranieri, Rm 526/Dr. Talitha Pulvino, Rm 522

Lambda Kappa Sigma, better known as LKS, is a professional pharmacy fraternity for women. Temple University women make up the Alpha, Alpha chapter which was established in 1948.

Throughout the year we sponsor and participate in various educational and social events. Founder’s Day and Hygeia Day are celebrated with special programs. We also have several theme parties annually, some of which we hold with our brother fraternity, Kappa Psi.

Kappa Psi gives us our coeducational status.  We collaborate not only on our parties, but also on our spring formal and intramural sports. Fundraisers provide us with that ever needed source of income.  We have raffles, t-shirt sales, bake sales, and a Valentine Day flower sale.

Community endeavors are an important part of our fraternity. We participate in the School’s Pharmacy Week by providing drug information on blood pressure monitoring and diabetes. Our philanthropy programs include, Project Hope, the annual “Walk for Breast Cancer” and the “Walk for Aids.”

Remember Lambda Kappa Sigma is a professional fraternity which strives to maintain academic excellence as well as provide social and educational activities for its members and the community.