Committee on Addiction and Substance Abuse (C.A.S.A.)

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Canney, Room 516

The primary goals of the Committee on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) are:

  1. To educate pharmacy students about addiction issues and
  2. To assist those students whose lives have been affected directly or indirectly by the disease.

Temple’s School of Pharmacy is supportive in helping students whose lives have been affect- ed by addiction find counseling and other services.  Through the generous support of the Pharmacy School and S.A.R.P.H.*, interested students and faculty members have attended the University Of Utah School On Alcoholism

And Other Drug Dependencies.  The committee was started in 1998 with the aim of supplying confidential information from various resources to interested students (with no regard for the reason for their interest).  The committee also schedules speakers to discuss

topics dealing with the impact of addiction on the lives of health care professionals and the general public. Participation as a contact does not imply recovery status, but rather an interest in supporting those who need help for any reason. CASA members want to educate and assist students and have no interest in restricting or reporting behavior.

It is important to stress that one does not have to have a substance abuse problem to be severely affected by the addictive behavior of loved ones.  Resources are available to assist both the addict, as well as those affected by the disease.  Please feel free to contact any member of the committee or support group for confidential information.  Additional information regarding resources can be found under Psychiatric Services and Telephone Numbers of Special Interest in your STUDENT HANDBOOK.

Support Group:

• Dr. Canney <>

• Eileen Lichtenstein <>

• Lisa Dragic <>

• Nicole Hollinger <>

• Forrest Ridgway <>

• Tyler Salovin <>

*Individuals with substance abuse problems may contact the Pharmacist Recovery Network (PRN) available in PA.  Secundum Artem- Reaching Pharmacists with Help (SARPH) serves pharmacists and pharmacy students and is supported by the State Board of Pharmacy. S.A.R.P.H. is considered the official program for impaired pharmacists/students in the Commonwealth. Further information may be obtained from the contacts above.