American Pharmacists Association/Academy of Student Pharmacists

Co-Advisors:    Dr. Mirza Perez, Room 135D/Dr. Charles Ruchalski, Room 150B

On a National Level:  ASP is the national professional society  of pharmacy students. It is an academy of the American Pharmacists Association.  Its purpose is to aid and support the objectives of APhA, aid the local chapters in their operations, provide student members with information about the affairs of the Association and the profession, provide a forum for the expression of student’s opinion on pertinent Association activities and policies, and strengthen the conver- sion from student membership to active membership in the Association.


On a Regional Level:  Each accredited school of phar- macy has an ASP chapter representing the local level. The local chapters are geographically grouped into eight regions; Temple is a member of Region 2.  Each region holds a midyear meeting.  At this meeting, eight of the fifteen student delegates are elected to the APhA House of Delegates. This House of Delegates meets at the Student APhA annual meeting.  It is composed of one delegate from each of the local chapters.


On a Local Level:  Temple’s chapter has had great suc- cess winning numerous awards including the Most Improved Student Chapter Award for the year 2003-2004, the award for Operation Immunization, and multiple awards to participate in a needle exchange program and the 2009-10 Operation Diabetes Award.  The student chapter plans to continue par- ticipating in Operation Diabetes and Operation Immunization.  The students hold monthly diabetes and high blood pressure screening sessions at local pharmacies supervised by a faculty member.  All of these activities require a very proactive and committed membership.


Our membership drive will be held during the month of September. We are looking forward to your participation.