In Vitro ADME and Pharmacokinetics

The Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research is equiped to provide a wide range of in vitro ADME/PK studies, drug metabolism studies and in vivo Pharmacokinetics (PK) studies in support of drug discovery programs.

Available studies include:

In Vitro Assays

  • Microsomal Stability – Human and preclinical species .
  • Hepatocyte Stability – Determine direct conjugation or metabolism by aldehyde oxidase.
  • Unbound fraction assays – Equilibrium dialysis and LC/MSMS analysis and interpretation
  • CYP inhibition assays - CYP3A4, CYP2D6 and CYP2C9.
  • Permeability assays – CACO-2 and MDCK for correlation with absorption and BBB.
  • Metabolite ID – Tissue preparations, expressed enzymes and LC/MSMS identification.

In Vivo Assays

  • Preclinical Pharmacokinetics – Mouse and rat studies (IV and oral) to determine
    • Volume of distribution
    • Clearance
    • Half-life
    • Bioavailability
  • CNS Penetration - Mouse and rat with SC, IP, or IV administration.


Swati Nagar, Ph.D.

Kenneth Korzekwa, Ph.D.