Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Services

Manufacturing and Production

TUSP takes pride in its distinction as one of only six pharmacy schools in the nation with a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Facility.

Our cGMP lab is thoroughly equipped with the latest technologies to support and ensure the expert production and packaging of clinical supplies and the manufacture of high-quality treatments and placebos. 

We are committed to FDA compliance, safety of personnel and the high educational goals of the School of Pharmacy.

We are both service- and research-oriented. At any given time, the cGMP facility is stirring with activity as students learn from experienced faculty about manufacturing standards and practices and assist in our work with corporate, academic and government agencies.

cGMP Services and Areas of Focus

Our technology and first-rate team allows us to provide a range of important services, such as:

  • Production of Tablets and Capsules
  • Packaging of Clinical Supplies
  • Labeling of Clinical Supplies
  • Study Randomization
  • Formulation Development for:
    • Oral Solids
    • Oral Liquids
    • Topical Creams and Ointments
    • Transdermal Products
  • Consultant Services for:
    • Technology Transfer
    • Formulation Development
    • Technical Operations

Expertise and Leadership

Our cGMP facility was designed and is run by Director David B. Lebo, R.Ph., Ph.D., whose expertise stems from his ten years of industrial pharmacy experience in preformulation, formulation development, technical operations and drug delivery.

Dr. Lebo is responsible for the design, implementation and operation of our compliant cGMP facility. He received his degrees from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.


David Lebo, Ph.D., R.Ph.
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director of cGMP Services
Temple University School of Pharmacy
Phone: 215-707-5895