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Emergency Closings

During extreme weather conditions or other emergency situations, Temple posts University cancellations on its main homepage: www.temple.edu. If you have signed up for alerts through Self-Service Banner, you will also receive an email, text message or phone call from Temple about University cancellations.

If you are wondering whether your instructor plans to hold class, first check your course Canvas page.  Also check your TUmail account for class cancellations.

Instructors who use Zoom and / or Canvas will either send messages to your TUmail or post a message on Canvas. Instructors do not have access to your personal or work email accounts. Please check TUmail.

Instructors listed below have Temple University voicemail boxes. If they need to cancel class due to an emergency (hurricane, snow, flooding, etc.), they will leave a message on their voicemail approximately TWO hours before class starts. Do NOT call before the designated time since they will not have updated the message on their voicemail until then. 

To reach their voicemail box:
Dial: 215.204.9595
Do NOT press #.
Immediately enter the 'access' code listed below.

Lebo, D 444-7057 Physical Pharmacy
Parry, T 444-7048 Biotechnology
Pilgrim, G 444-7042 Food and Drug Law, Advanced Topics in Food and Drug Law, Drug Development
Smith, P 888-3251 Drug Development, IND/NDA Submissions
Traettino, A 444-7043 Industry Interactions with FDA, IND/NDA, Drug Development