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Pfizer Course Offerings - Summer 2021 (RAQA)

Are you ready to network with Pfizer collegues from across the U.S. as you pursue an advanced degree in RAQA, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences (PRS) or Global Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Regulations (GCPR)?

Our students work at numerous Pfizer locations, including Andover, Bridgewater, Cambridge, Collegeville, Groton, Kalamazoo, La Jolla, New Haven, New York, Peapack, Pearl River, Richmond, Rocky Mount, Sanford, and St Louis.

You'll enjoy our flexible scheduling options, which enable you to start, continue, or finish any time of year (spring, summer, or fall).

Every course offers indepth, interactive learning, with live, fresh lectures on current topics taught by leading experts. Study and network with hundreds of industry and regulatory professionals from across the country and world as you discuss critical issues that impact your everyday work tasks.

Start with a course....

Then earn one of our 13 certificates...

Then apply all of the credits you've earned towards a Master of Science degree.

We have the largest schedule of online course choices of any similar graduate program:

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Summer 2021 Schedule (Interactive Courses in Real Time)

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Temple U Registration and Billing Information

Before registering for a course in our program, please follow Pfizer HR policies:

1. Speak with your supervisor or manager to obtain their approval.

2. Complete and submit all required paperwork with EdAssist before the date of the first class to be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

Temple's RAQA graduate program is listed on the EdAssist page under Temple Locations. Make sure you select 425 Commerce Drive, 175, Fort Washington, PA 19034. For additional information, see How to Register.

3. Complete all required Temple U RAQA paperwork by emailing it to qarareg@temple.edu

(You may also fax Temple paperwork to 267.468.8565).

New students must include a state residency form, your resume, a copy of your undergraduate transcript, and a current photo. For additional information, click here.