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KENX Conferences (RAQA)


Receive Graduate Credits at these upcoming KENX Conferences for the Fall 2021 Semester.

1) GMP and Validation, Process Validation and Continued Verification:  August 23 - 25.  Earn 1.5 credits by attending in-person in Philadelphia, PA, OR online via recordings of the lectures. Ideal for engineering, quality, C&Q and validation professionals.  To learn more:  https://kenx.org/conferences/validation-and-gmp-university/

2) Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing:  Nov 8 - 10.  Earn 1.5 credits by attending in-person in San Diego, CA, OR online via recordings of the lectures.  Explores the need for rapid, scalable, and cost-effective vaccine, diagnostic, and therapeutic development.  To learn more:  https://kenx.org/conferences/biopharm-university/

3) Computerized Systems Validation:  Dec 2021 (dates to be announced).   Earn 1.5 credits by attending in-person in San Diego, CA, OR online via recordings of the lectures.

Interested in receiving graduate credits for attending a great, online conference on current topics affecting regulated industry?

Attend a KENX online conference in 2021 or watch a recent conference "on demand," accommodating your busy schedule.. Temple U RAQA students may earn 1.5 towards their MS in RAQA or certain certificate programs for each KENX conference they attend (for a maximum of 2 conferences or 3 credits).

  • Temple University pioneered graduate education in RAQA and continues to offer a convenient, flexible, and comprehensive master’s degree and 13 certificates that are highly regarded by regulated industry.
  •  KENX offers high-quality, intensive conferences exploring a variety of timely RA and QA topics. 

To receive 1.5 credit hours, you must:

  • Sign up for the Temple Track in the KENX Conference.
  • Attend all 18 hours of “Temple Track” talks specified in the KENX Brochure
  • Complete a comprehensive, online exam when you finish watching the talks online. (You’ll be responsible for a $15.00 proctoring fee during the exam).
  • Pay an additional fee for 1.5 graduate credits.

Save your space now by registering for the KENX Conference and selecting the “Temple Track.”

Note: A maximum of 3 credits from KENX conferences may be earned towards the MS in RAQA.


To earn Temple University Graduate Credits for attending the Conference, you must submit the following forms to the RAQA Office (these are in addition to the registration form for the KENX Conference):

RAQA Registration Form (PDF)

Temple Residency Form


GMPs, Validation, Process Validation and Continued Verification - Aug 23 - 25 - in Philadelphia, PA and also available online

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Congress (Nov 8 - 10) - in San Diego, CA, and also available online

Computerized Systems Validation (Dec 2021) - in San Diego, CA, and also available online.

For conference details, visit the KENX Homepage.

For any questions, please contact John Kirchner, Executive Director at:
Email: john.kirchner@kenx.org
Call: +1.954.732.3663

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SPECIAL THANKS to KENX for providing close to $100,000 in scholarships to RAQA students. We are grateful for their support and delighted to be part of their outstanding conferences.