Temple Responds to the New York Times' "How Pharmacy Work Stopped Being So Great"

On August 2, 2022, the New York Times published Noam Schieber's article "How Pharmacy Work Stopped Being So Great." The Temple University School of Pharmacy Executive Commitee and Board of Visitors submitted the following Letter to the Editor on August 30, 2022.

Dear Editor:  

We support writer Noam Scheiber’s case for fair pay for pharmacists in “How Pharmacy Work Stopped Being So Great.” That said, we urge awareness that many students go into pharmacy, because it offers an abundance of diverse job opportunities, including but not limited to retail pharmacy.  A declining proportion of graduates choose retail pharmacy due to its physical demands. Improved staffing models will stop that trend.  

Pharmacists have played an integral role in testing, vaccinating, and prescribing treatments for COVID-19, which supports our demand for implementation of health insurance payments for pharmacy services. Providing services that improve patient care requires a change in the work environment of retail pharmacists. We urge corporations to improve these conditions, so pharmacists can continue to provide safe, accessible quality care to the communities they serve.  


The Temple University School of Pharmacy Board of Visitors and Executive Committee