Alumnus Robert Frankil Succeeds Alumnus Mel Brodsky in Key Philly Pharmacy Advocacy Role

Through a change of leadership at the Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists (PARD), two notable Temple University School of Pharmacy alumni have made major career transitions. At the end of 2021, Mel Brodsky stepped down as Executive Director of PARD, after serving in the role since 2017, to begin his retirement. PARD appointed Robert Frankil to succeed Brodsky as of January 1, 2022.

After a long career as a community pharmacy owner, Brodsky served as chief executive officer of the Keystone Purchasing Alliance for 20 years prior to joining PARD. He is a lifetime member of the School of Pharmacy Alumni Association, serving in executive roles, including treasurer. In 2021, the Alumni Association selected Brodsky as the Sprowls Lecture awardee, an honor reserved for an outstanding individual who has achieved recognition within pharmacy for significant contributions to the profession as a distinguished practitioner, scientist, or educator.   The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) recognized him with the J. Allen Duffield Pharmaceutical Industry Award, the organization’s leadership award, in 2017 and with the Mortar and Pestle Award in 2016.

Frankil was president of Sellersville Pharmacy and Sellersville Pharmacy at Penn Foundation from 1988-2018. He was also vice president and pharmacist-in-charge at Skippack Pharmacy from 1985-2012. He has served on the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy, the PPA Executive Council, the Montgomery County Pharmacy Association Board of Directors, and the PARD Board of Directors, including as Legislative Committee Chair. The Alumni Association selected Frankil, also a lifetime member, as the Sprowls Lecture awardee in 2016 and the Distinguished Pharmacist Practitioner awardee in 2014. PPA recognized him with the George S. Maggio Memorial Award in 2015 for contributing the most to pharmacy in Pennsylvania through his work in third party relations, government relations, and advocacy activity. 

PARD unites independent pharmacy owners and advocates to address barriers to the success and very existence of independent pharmacy. Recently, Brodsky led the “PUNCH” lawsuit to fight against unfair pharmacy benefit management practices on behalf of 430 independent pharmacies. Frankil will now continue with the endeavor following a recent win in the United States District Court that has allowed proceedings against Optum, which allege, for example, that Optum’s maximum allowable cost reimbursements to those independent pharmacies for generic drugs were set insupportably low in breach of contracts. Read more from PARD.