PharmD Student Ahmed Alkazaz Launched the Pocket Spectrum App to Help with Memorizing Antibiotics

In 2021, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) student Ahmed Alkazaz launched the Pocket Spectrum Apple device application for use as an antibiotic medication reference tool. He was motivated by his own struggle to memorize all the antibiotics and their indications, dosages, delivery forms, side effects, and so on, as he studied for his Infectious Diseases course exams.

"I've always been into tech and found myself with some extra time during the pandemic," explained Ahmed.

Ahmed recognizes that there is a pressing need for improved efficiency in pharmacy, noting that a lack of technological innovation contributes to pharmacist burnout. 

"I want to help future generations of pharmacy students and pharmacists," said Ahmed, who is now in his third out of four years of the PharmD program.

Pocket Spectrum has been downloaded over 200 times from around the world and has a five-star rating with 12 reviews in the Apple App Store.

"An amazing app for anyone who wants to learn the spectrum or people who want to revisit it as a refresher! Definitely gonna use this on my rotations and (as) an addition to my NAPLEX studying," wrote user Jrefela in an Apple App Store review.

Ahmed uses what little spare time he has as a pharmacy student to learn and practice coding. He is committed to his quest to contribute numerous technological innovations to pharmacy throughout his career.