Alumnus Bob Schueren Will Match Gifts from Class of '85 Alumni to Support Pharmacy Students in Need

Robert (Bob) Schueren, BS Pharm '85 and his wife Deborah have launched the "Class of 1985 Scholarship Fund" to support pharmacy students with financial need. They invite classmates to join them in growing the fund and alumni from other class years to consider following suit.

The fund started with an initial $25,000 donation from the Schuerens that was doubled to $50,000 - the minimum required to establish an endowed fund - from the Richard J. Bryan Matching Gift Challenge. The $50,000 initial endowment provides $2,250 annually in perpetuity to help reduce the burden of debt for a qualifying pharmacy student. 

Ready to pay it forward, the Schuerens now offer to match additional contributions to the fund, dollar-for-dollar, up to $31,000. The Schuerens hope to see the fund rapidly grow to at least $112,000 to yield $5,000 per year in recognition of the Class of 1985.

"I believe we all share a common pride in our profession and in the hard work it took to become a pharmacist. How can we, as a class, help others achieve that same goal we accomplished nearly four decades ago," Bob asked of his classmates.

Bob, who currently serves as chief operating officer for Natera, "a global leader in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing with a focus on women’s health, oncology, and organ health," is motivated to give by his commitment to pharmacy, nostalgia, and the ever-increasing burden of debt for pharmacy students. 

Bob shared:

'It's hard to believe more than 36 years have passed since we celebrated our graduation at a hotel on the Vine Street Expressway. In addition to the excitement of graduation, some other events in 1985 were the Live Aid concert at John F. Kennedy Stadium, the Flyers playing in the Stanley Cup, Wham! having two top 10 singles, and "Back to the Future" was the number one movie. How things have changed since them!

The other thing that has changed dramatically is the cost of tuition for pharmacy school. I remember the 1984-85 tuition at around $4,000 for me, a Pennsylvania resident. Now, tuition alone is nearly ten times then at $35,622 in state.'

The Schuerens plan to continue working to grow the fund even if they pass their goal. They hope to inspire others to support the future pharmacy workforce as the profession continues to evolve worldwide.

Click to donate now. To support the "Class of 1985 Scholarship Fund", please name the fund in the "Other" field under the "Select Your Designation" section. Bob can be reached at

If you are interested in creating an endowed fund, contact Chris Van Vessem, Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations, at