Salvatore = Savoir, a Remembrance of Dr. Salvatore J. Turco by Dr. Francis Joseph Berenato, Jr., PHR '82







Dr. Turco went from a small boy playing ball in the streets of South Philadelphia to a military veteran, a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (now University of the Sciences in Philadelphia), a successful Pennsylvania-licensed real estate agent, a lead pharmacist for multiple decades at Temple Health, and a professor at the Temple University School of Pharmacy. He almost did it all. 

Opening a drugstore in the early 1960s at the corner of 16th Street and Oregon Avenue in Philadelphia proved not to be Dr. Turco's calling. This was when he switched gears to become an amazing pharmacist at Temple University Hospital, heading up a compounding operation. He participated in the creation and distribution of an antitoxin for mushroom poisoning, saving affected lives and being mentioned in the New York Times ("Drug said to fight mushroom poisoning"). 

While doing all this brilliant stuff, Dr. Turco found the time to author a Remington chapter and texts on sterile dosage forms and particulate matter, which were transcribed in different languages. He even managed to create a mean marinara sauce and a delicious Italian wedding soup for every holiday he celebrated from Christmas to Easter, never missing a beat. 

Dr. Turco always rose to the occasion - molding, shaping, and mentoring prospective pharmacy students, pharmacy students, graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences, fellow faculty members, and other professionals. He never said he didn't have time for them. A class act from his meticulous dressing habits to his gracious handling of his clumsy laboratory mishaps, he proved time and time again that he was on point 100 percent of the time, continuing to be the "best of the best," armed with his expertise, knowledge, serendipity, and practical experience. He proved again and again that Salvatore was truly a savior.