Cultural Diversity Week 2021







Cultural Diversity Day, a biennial celebration of our diverse community of students, faculty, and staff and their respective cultures, has been a longstanding tradition hosted by Phi Lambda Sigma at the Temple University School of Pharmacy. In these pandemic times of 2021, the School has transformed the in-person event into a self-guided virtual celebration for audiences near and far.

As you peruse our webpage, make sure to click on the titles to see photos or videos of the cultural element described.


Arepa, a Traditional Venezuelan Food
Submitted by Gabriel Vivas
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2024

The Venezuelan arepa is Venezuela's typical dish. The arepa is a flat, dish-shaped, unleavened patty made of maize flour or “masarepa”, which can be grilled, fried, or boiled. There are countless varieties of arepa. A traditional Pabellón style uses shredded beef, black beans, rice, and fried plantains. 


Bangladeshi Dance Performance
Submitted by Sarina Ahmed
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2022

As a proud Bangladeshi-American, I have always appreciated and hoped to bring light to the beauty of my culture. As a result, I founded the Temple University Bangladeshi Student Association as an undergraduate student. In this club, I took the responsibility of spreading knowledge about my culture's identity, language, food, clothes, and more! My friend and I also represented our motherland by performing on a Bangla song at Temple University's annual Global Gala.


Bhangra, Traditional Indian Dance
Submitted by Jaswitha Basu
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2022

Representing Phi Delta Chi at Temple University

Phi Delta Chi candidate class from Fall Formal 2019:  The candidate class from PDC performed a short snippet of an Indian dance called Bhangra during Fall Formal 2019. All the fraternities at TUSP perform at fall formal and PDC wanted to add in a special part to showcase their culture!


Bhangra, Traditional Indian Dance II
Submitted by Saipriya Gadiraju, Sriramani Sivapurapu, Sangnya Upadhyaya
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023

This is a tik tok dance featuring Bhangra which is a form of Punjabi folk dancing.


The Gujurati Culture
Submitted by Kosha Gandhi
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023

Gujarat is a state in India which has its own traditions. On the right is a video of ‘Garba’ the Gujarati dance form performed during the festival of Navratri (9 nights). It’s a clip from the city I live in, Vadodara where 40,000 people gather in one ground (I know, a covid nightmare), for 9 consecutive nights where we dance in a unique dance step going in circles around the group of singers who are in the middle of the ground. The top left is a picture of TUSP Gujarati students (from September 2019) when we went to New Jersey for Garba. We are dressed in traditional wear and it was one of the best nights! On the bottom is a picture of the ‘Gujarati Thali’ which is a very unique platter of traditional Gujarati food.



The Hindu Festival of Navratri
Submitted by Riya Parikh & Khushbu Patel
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023

Representing the New Jersey Pharmacists Association at Temple University

The Hindu festival of Navratri celebrates the victory of good over evil as Goddess Durga slayed the demon Mahishasur. For nine days, devotees observe a fast during the day and dance to hymns in the evening to celebrate the glorious Goddess Durga as they pray for her to rid them of their inner demons. Our home state of Gujarat in India is known for its marvelous Navratri celebrations and Garba/Raas dance forms. This photo is from 2019 Navratri when Khushbu and I danced our hearts out.


The Indian Garba
Submitted by Janak Shah, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Jaswitha Basu
Class of 2022

Representing Phi Delta Chi at Temple University

Garba is the celebration of life as in the fetus form where life blossoms from the very first. It also projects the essence of divine Maa Durga or Amba. Garba takes place every year in the months of September, October, or November. It is a nine-day festival celebrated during Navratri.


The Indian Garba II
Submitted by Saipriya Gadiraju
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023

Garba is a form of dance, as well as a religious and social event that originates in Gujarat, India. Garba is a community circle dance from the northwestern Indian state of Gujarat. The word "garba" is also used to refer to the event at which the garba is performed.


An Indian Wedding
Submitted by Jessika Patel
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023

This is a picture of me at my cousin's wedding back in 2015. It was a rare opportunity since a lot of my family lives in India, so it was fun being able to attend an Indian wedding right here in PA!


Kathak & Bollywood Dance
Submitted by Krina Naik
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2022

This is a dance blend of Kathak and Bollywood. This dance style is all about expressing one self.


Kurtis, Traditional Indian Clothing
Submitted by Jaswitha Basu
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2022

Representing Phi Delta Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, and the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy at Temple University

Kurtis are a form of a traditional indian clothing made of cotton or silk. In this picture, my friend and I are wearing a Kurti for a house gathering.


Nigerian Culture & Traditions
Submitted by Osomi Garba
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023

I am wearing Asoebi ("aso" - cloth, "ebi" - family in Yoruba; I am Edo but this word is vastly used!) worn with traditional lace fabric, and paired with a gele. Asoebi is worn by the family during social events, such as weddings, or funerals. This is typically color coordinated. A gele is a garment worn/wrapped around the head, made from firm materials. It is worn for various occasions but can also be worn daily.

The Okhunugbe Dance
In this video, the Okhunugbe dance is done by women of Ogute-Okpella, Edo State, Nigeria. These women typically come to the compound of a family that had just lost a loved one and who had been influential throughout the village. The dance is accompanied by instruments such as drums, the shekere, flutes, and more. Cultural dances such as Okhunugbe brings joy to the family and the community, as other local people come to watch and dance as well. There is no time limit for a celebration of life; the dancing lasts for hours!

Suya is a popular street food in Nigeria. It is spicy meat (usually beef) that is cooked and seasoned to perfection. Once thinly sliced, it can be prepared loosely, or on a skewer. It is served with lots of dried pepper mixed with spices and sliced onions, hot peppers, or other vegetables such as cucumbers or tomatoes. The authentic experience of getting suya is having it served in newspapers!


Traditional Indian Clothing Worn During Garba
Submitted by Prerna Nahar & Abhi Patel
Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2023


Traditional Pakistani Clothing
Submitted by Maliha Malik, Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2022

Representing Phi Lambda Sigma and the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy at Temple University

Pakistani clothing comes in a variety of styles.