The School of Pharmacy Hosts Virtual 2020 Rho Chi Induction

On Wednesday, October 21, the School of Pharmacy virtually hosted the Rho Chi Induction Ceremony celebrating the 2020 PharmD and PhD inductees and Carlos Barrero, MD, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, as the honorary faculty inductee. 
About the Ceremony
The annual Induction Ceremony is Rho Chi's signature event celebrating the honor of membership and leadership and history of the organization. The students inducted were elected for membership for having displayed academic excellence, a capacity for achievement in the science and art of pharmacy, and strength of character, personality, and leadership. The Doctor of Pharmacy program students rank in the top twenty percent of their class and have completed three semesters of the curriculum. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate students have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or greater. Rho Chi elects one faculty or alumnus per year for induction as an honorary member.  
History of The Rho Chi Society & the Beta Lambda Chapter
The honor society in higher education in America has its roots in the early development of our colleges and universities. Indeed, it is as old as our country, for the first of them, Phi Beta Kappa, was established in 1776. Initially, Phi Beta Kappa included all college students, for all colleges were predominantly for the training of students for “the service of church and state.” With the expansion of higher education into other fields, Phi Beta Kappa, after its first 25 years, chose to limit its membership to students in colleges of liberal arts and sciences. To fill the void in other academic disciplines, additional honor societies came into existence, among them Rho Chi for pharmacy. The honor society reflects our belief in education and the pursuit of intellectual excellence. The honor society thus has two aims, or performs two functions: 1) it recognizes and rewards superior scholarly attainment, and 2) it thereby encourages and stimulates superior scholarship. To state it more directly, the attainment of membership in an honor society is not only the highest achievement of social approbation by a select few, it acts as a stimulus and a spur to students hoping to attain for themselves such recognition and approbation. Honor societies proliferated in the first two decades of the last century. The Rho Chi Society was recognized as the Honor Society of Pharmacy in 1922. Since 1925, the Association of College Honor Societies has brought order to the movement, elevated its standards, and safe-guarded its integrity through rigorous membership requirements. The Rho Chi Society has been a member of the Association since 1947. Temple University Beta Lambda Chapter began in 1955.