Vote now for the School of Pharmacy’s new Alumni Association Board members.    Voting ends Sat. April 30th, 2017

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ATTEND an Alumni Association dinner meeting to network and get pharmacy updates.    Roving locations are held four times a year and announced on the School’s webpage.  PARTICIPATE in our School’s activities.   JOIN other Temple pharmacists who will be participating in Temple University’s Global Day of Service at the Second Macedonia Baptist Church in No. Philly On Sat. April 29th, 2017 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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The Association maintains an active presence with its alumni and students. Realizing that students become alumni, one of the primary goals of the Association is to encourage student interest and awareness of the Association before they graduate. 

Throughout the year, the Association Officers meet with students from each class year, to introduce the Association and its mission. Students are invited to attend the Association meetings and to interact with its members. Officers distribute School recognition items to students, support their activities which include fundraising and networking for special projects throughout the year. The Association initiated and sponsors The Students Health Care Professional Award for a third-year student in recognition of academic achievements and leadership qualities.

Another goal of the Association is to bring alumni back to the School, to encourage interest in current activities and to increase alumni financial support. The Association sponsors the Sprowls' Lecture and nominates recipients for the Certificate of Honor and The Distinguished Pharmacist Practitioner Award. These awards honor distinguished colleagues and instill pride in our alumni.

Officers represent the School at national professional meetings, and attend graduation and School events. The Association maintains a strong relationship with the School and promotes awareness of its activities beyond its classrooms.

In partnership with Temple’s Career Center and the Temple University Alumni Association, TUSP annually recognizes an outstanding alumnus with the Gallery of Success and Certificate of Honor Award. Recipients of this distinction exemplify leadership, generosity and dedication to the values and endeavors of TUSP. Their work and professional accomplishments serve to inspire current and future students.