Pre-Master's Certificates

Start a Pre-Master’s Certificate — Without Formally Applying First

Follow these instructions to apply to a Pre-Master’s Certificate.

Step 1: Review Your Choices

Review the many choices available in RAQA Pre-Master’s Certificate Programs, so you select the one that best matches your career path:

Step 2: Register and Complete Courses

You're welcome to apply to the Pre-Master's Certificate Program before you start taking courses, but you don't have to.  You can start a Pre-Master's certificate without applying. You may wait to submit the formal application as you enroll in your last course for the certificate.

Once you decide to start a certificate, just register for one of the required courses.  This consists of submitting the appropriate registration form each semester.  Form for online and on-campus courses are different and are listed on the RAQA Schedule of Classes. Online course registation require additional paperwork). 

The first time you register at Temple, you must also submit a state residency form

It is your responsibility to follow and complete the requirements for the Pre-Master's Certificate of your choice. If you're not sure of which courses are required for your certificate or whether substitutions are permissible, contact Assistant Director Patricia Lee ( or 267.468.8562).

When you are ready to apply for your Pre-Master's Certificate, you must submit the appropriate application form.  (Each certificate has a unique application form).

If you plan to continue with the Master's of Science degree in RAQA after completing a Pre-Master’s Certificate,  you must submit a separate M.S. application. 

Register for a Pre-Master’s Certificate

Apply to the M.S. in RAQA

Step 3: Request Certificate

After you have completed the final course in a certificate program, you must submit the following materials to receive your certificate:

Certificates are issued three times a year. Make sure you submit your materials by the deadline:

  • January 15 for February certificates
  • May 15 for June certificates
  • August 20 for September certificates


Direct all questions and application materials to:

Temple University School of Pharmacy
RAQA Graduate Program
425 Commerce Drive, Suite 175
Fort Washington, PA 19034