Non-Thesis M.S. Option

Earn a Part-Time Master’s in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science

Regulatory Science is defined by FDA as the "science of developing new tools, standards, and approaches to assess the safety, efficacy, quality, and performance of FDA-related products."  

Regulated industry and regulatory agencies need professionals who understand the complex integration of regulations, quality practices, and scientific knowledge required to bring healthcare products to market.  This program is offered on a part-time basis, enabling students to work full time while pursuing the degree.  All courses are offered online.

Pharmaceutical science courses focus on lthe core science principles involved in the development and manufacturing of therapeutic products.  The curriculum also draws upon the School's RAQA graduate program, addressing scientific methods needed to assure safety, efficacy, quality, and consistent performance.

Read more about the program's required and elective course options to see if it is right for you:  Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science M.S. Courses and Curriculum

Fall 2021 Schedule for Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences

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