Basic Pharmaceutical Development

Available at Pre-Master’s Level Only

Certificate in Basic Pharmaceutical Development

This program helps professionals with non-science and business backgrounds to enter or advance in the pharmaceutical and related industries, by sharpening their knowledge of industry terminology and also making them familiar with regulations and quality practices.  Candidates may have a business background (having earned a B.B.A. or M.B.A.) or a non-science degree in liberal arts.  Importantly, this curriculum that doesn't emphasize science as much as it focuses on drug development project management issues.  Knowing more about the regulatory milieu of the industry will enhance their career options.

The core courses provide a broad background in the terminology, concepts and regulations governing the pharmaceutical sector, while electives emphasize business practices and concepts.

The certificate requires the completion of four courses, the following two of which are required:

  • Drug Development (5459)
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing (5472)

Students can then select two of the following RAQA electives:

  • Pharmacoeconomics (5408)
  • IND/NDA Submissions (5495)
  • Requirements for Product Labeling and Advertising (5533)
  • Food and Drug Law (5592)
  • Project Management (5615)

Students have four years to complete the Certificate in Basic Pharmaceutical Development and must maintain an overall B average.

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