Post Master's Certificates

Available at Post-Master’s Level Only

Certificate in Advanced Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

New electives are frequently added to the RAQA program to address the latest developments in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and related industries.

Post-Master's Certificates are tailored to Temple M.S. in RAQA graduates who want to keep up with the latest changes in their field.

Th Post-Master's Certificate in Advanced RAQA allows students to pursue advanced coursework beyond the master's degree and receive formal recognition for their work in either Quality Assurance or Regulatory Affairs, thus meeting regulatory requirements for continuous training.

To receive this certificate, students must successfully complete four courses in either QA or RA beyond the M.S.  Courses that were taken toward the completion of the RAQA M.S. degree cannot be counted toward a Post-Master's Certificate in Advanced QA and RA.

Students must apply for the Post-Master's Certificate in Advanced QA and RA and submit a list of electives they intend to pursue before starting coursework.  Electives may be chosen from the 70+ courses offered in Temple's RAQA program, as long as the electives were not previously completed as part of the M.S. in RAQA. 

Students with Ph.D. or M.S. degrees from other schools may also complete a Post-Master's Certificate in RAQA but are required to complete five courses of their choosing.  To be eligible, they must write a letter to the Assistant Dean indicating the five courses they wish to pursue.  They must receive formal approval first before registering for any courses.

Students have four years to complete the Post-Master's Certificate and must maintain an overall B average.

Post-M.S. Notice of Completion