Art Gallery

Five Decades of Fred Gable’s Artistic Vision

Temple School of Pharmacy started building its formidable art collection, the largest of all of Temple’s schools and colleges, under the leadership of Assistant Dean Fred Gable in 1968.

In addition to wearing many hats at the School of Pharmacy during his 29 years at Temple, Gable served on the University General Arts Committee and was a known art, theatre and music enthusiast. It was at his behest that the graduating class of ’68 presented a Ranulph Bye watercolor to the school in honor of Charles Unangst, a young student who had died after his first year at TUSP.

This commemoration launched the art gallery, which has now flourished into a collection of over 170 prints, oils, watercolors, photographs and sculptures that decorate the halls, classrooms and offices of the pharmacy school.

Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3

Painting 4